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. they're called the drop kick murphys, singing the unofficial anthem of the city of boston. i'm shipping us to boston from the great movie "the departed." and they're going to be providing some music for us in just a little while on this friday field trip for "today." i'm matt lauer, along with savannah guthrie, here in faneuil hall marketplace. such a big crowd of people that have been here all morning long. just want to give you this view, walk around and actually show the people back home. thank you so much for coming. this crowd goes all the way to your side. >> we had to divide and conquer. we have so many great fans. i just met a lady who has -- skipped going to the doctor today because she had to be here. >>> coming up, we are going to talk about all the things that make this such a great town. and, of course, including the famous boston accent. we're going to do our best to learn it. we've been practicing and we're going to sample some of the taste of the town, too. >> also ahead, boston native mindy kaelin is here, from "the office" and "the mindy project." what she loves most a
bosto boston. >> and you're looking at a live sh shot. i'm matt lauer along with savannah guthrie. we are on a friday field trip in boston this morning. >> we are inside this city's historic hall. we'll get into everything that makes boston such a great place. there's a great crowd outside all fired up. can't wait to get outside and say hi to them. >>> meteorite coming out of russia, absolutely terrifying and frightening. >> this is something you expect to see in a weird movie. you can see that meteorite as it's burning, streaks across the skies in the euro mountains overnight, 900 miles of east of moscow. seconds later you can hear that loud explosion. >> unfortunately there's been some injuries this morning. duncan golestani has more. >> reporter: traveling at 33,000 miles per hour, no wonder people were panicking. streaking across an early morning sky, a burst of light and an explosion of sound. unverified pictures appear to show russian's city's close shave with a meteorite. locals heard and felt the shock wave of it passing. people stunned sbun sure of what they had seen were lef
to an incredible 3 feet in parts of connecticut. boston got smacked with two feet, leaving people there with a new big dig to deal with. ron who used to live in boston will remember the big dig. it was the largest public works project in the history of mankind. we have a new project for boston now. >> an extreme weather team is where the snow is this morning. fanned out across the storm zone. with the latest on what's to come, how to handle it when you get back on the roads, as well. >> our coverage of the blizzard of 2013, sam champion and ginger zee. let's go first to sam, our weather editor in new york's columbus circle this morning. sam, good morning. >> good morning, dan and bianna. we're on a side street here. this is andrew. we've been helping him dig out from the snowfall totals. this is his car. we're going to get it out for him this morning. we have the eight inches of snow. andrew, i'll step on the other side of this. and you keep going. we got about that eight inches of snow in new york city. take a look at the snowfall totals we've got on the boards for you this morning. with some pla
quote 's bring in julian cummings. he's driving through the streets of boston right now. these are live pictures we're seeing, julian. tell us what is going on. >> wolf, the snow is really picking up here in the last hour since we spoke. we're seeing road accumulation, plows having trouble keeping up but still we are seeing people walking around, enjoying the snow, taking photographs. but traffic is has really, really slowed down. >> as of 4:00 p.m. eastern, almost two hours ago, it was a
york, boston or somewhere else in new england. our storm watch forecast starts right now. >> live and in hd, this is abc 7 breaking news. >> the snow is falling in new england. this coming in from massachusetts. it is coming down, as you can see, and there is a lot more to come. >> the intense wind also causing problems. this is video from cape cod it just a short time ago. they have encouraged some residents there to evacuate, and the storm is responsible for about 350,000 power outages. we begin with storm watch, as we are covering every angle since the snow -- so-called snomageddon that hit here three years ago. >> we will go to boston in a few minutes, and we will monitor the impact on travel in our region but first, let's check in with richard reeve in our newsroom. it will be a serious situation for days to come. >> this is the kind of snowfall that people are dealing with. you cannot even see. it is being called a monster storm. they are declaring states of emergency. some areas are completely shut down. across the northeast, snowplows are walking -- are waging a bitter bat
show about boston's police officers called boston's finest >> i don't want to get up at 5:00 in the morning and go to boxing. i think of being in a foot chase and losing. there's the chance you'll be fighting for your life on the side of the road where your back-up is a minute away. i have to stay on top of my game. it could save my life. it could save my partner's life. >> dig it in. dig it in. >> that's a tremendous amount of responsibility that i take very seriously. >> jon: please welcome donnie wahlberg. ( cheers and applause ) my man. look at you. sharp as a tack, my friend. sharp as a tack. how are you? >> i'm good. i felt the need to dress up tonight >> jon: can i tell you something? much respect to you. many of our guests come here and they believe it's the last stop, the qaboos. they come in with like a sack, a thing. they don't care. you, sir, >> i care jon: thank you i care jon: i appreciate that. now, you're playing a new york city cop on your show. you're doing a show about boston cops. i feel like you are getting ready to pull some [bleep] on the east coast.
to be feet, not inches, of snow. plus we're going to go to boston which has been getting pummeled throughout the day. there have been dramatic and draconian actions with the governor saying you're going to go to jail if you're out driving your car. we've got information about the suspected cop killer in los angeles tonight. we have exclusive video of the suspect as he was training to shoot guns. let's go "outfront." >>> good evening. i'm erin burnett. "outfront" tonight, an historic blizzard is slamming the northeast as i speak. we're expecting up to 3 inches of snow accumulating an hour, which is incredibly quick. it's been slow coming here to new york. the accumulation will be dramatic and severe. the snow fell the last blizzard in this city was 2011, 20 inches of snow. we'll see if this will set a record overnight. to give you an idea how big this storm is, how many states are affected tonight, this is a picture from nasa that we're looking at. you can see the storm right now stretches all the way north up in maine all the way down to the mid-atlantic and new jersey. there are near whiteo
. there's even a 24-hour travel ban in three states. the mayor of boston ordering people to, quote, stay home. >>> the big digout. and now, the hard part. keeping all of that wet, dangerous snow off roads and roofs. >> our storm team is out to bring you the latest details from the heart of the storm zone. >>> good morning, everybody. i think we have a live shot of the snow coming down in new england at this moment. the blizzard of 2013, not finished yet. and the effects, i guarantee this, we'll be feeling them for days. >> these images are amazing. we're beginning to get a picture of just how bad the storm is. states of emergency declared from new york to maine. the snow pounded down at an incredible rate of two to three inches an hour in some spots. >> up to 12 inches in new york city to an incredible 3 feet in parts of connecticut. boston got smacked with two feet, leaving people there with a new big dig to deal with. ron who used to live in boston will remember the big dig. it was the largest public works project in the history of mankind. we have a new project for boston now. >> an e
'll take you live to boston in a moment. look at this, new york, tough to see even the buildings here. this is the worst of the storm, hitting in these predawn hours. just a short time ago. we have been telling you here about this fatality. we learned a 74-year-old man died after he was hit by a car that apparently lost control on a snowy road in poughkeepsie. and across the state of new york, a state of emergency is in place. rail service, look at this, no cabs. rail service suspended from manhattan to upstate. that's just new york. in rhode island, snow has been stacking up. as fast as 3 inches an hour there. up to 2 feet of snow is predicted along with winds possibly topping 60 miles per hour. as i mentioned, i'm back in the cnn weather center where we're watching the snow storm. we and karen mcginnis, producers here watching the storm, making sure they have the most up to date information with you. we're live with you throughout the night with continuous coverage on conditions. we have a crew spanned out to bring you the pictures and stories, including there she is on the far left
have the chance to ski down beacon street in arlington on the back side of boston so they're taking advantage of it. and they're having a good team. we'll say that. >> what's he saying? >> they wondered who we are, basically, at this point. >> we're going to let them ski on, my friend. let them ski on. >> let them go, yeah. >> wicked good weather for skiing, i suppose, in boston. thank you so much, and we'll come back to you and see what else -- what other shenanigans we can find as we're covering this massive northeast blizzard as we're coming upon the 3:00 a.m. hour. we're live all night with you on the blizzard. back after this. all stations come over to mission a for a final go. this is for real this time. step seven point two one two. verify and lock. command is locked. five seconds. three, two, one. standing by for capture. the most innovative software on the planet... dragon is captured. is connecting today's leading companies to places beyond it. siemens. answers. >>> here we are at the top of the hour. hello from the cnn haerks. i'm brooke baldwin welcoming viewers in the u
in boston for us, gary tuchman in staten island and alison kosik in new york. let's begin in boston. look at these cars. think about getting that snow off that car. 19 inches of snow has already fallen and 70-mile-an-hour wind gusts could whip up snow drifts six or seven feet deep. susan candiotti, let me come back to you for me in boston. how are conditions there? >> reporter: well, the snow is swirling. it is miserable. it is cold. but i have to say it doesn't feel quite as cold as it was, you know, a few hours ago, although when i checked the temperature gauge which you're never quite sure if they're quite right, it's reading about 19 degrees, 20 degrees here. and it makes you remember that because of the freezing temperatures that if you're driving or if you're walking, remember the road underneath all that slush would be freezing, so the snow coming on top of that, it can make driving obviously very treacherous so when you see my colleague julian cummings driving about, he's going very slowly and so far so good. as long as you have the snow on top, he seems to be taking his time and
in boston. good morning, jay. >> reporter: the official count at logan airport, 21.4 inches. that's going to increase. 400,000 without power in this state. those numbersi could climb as well. the winter storm pounding the northeast since friday continued to strengthen overnight into a fierce and relentless blizzard, making matters worse, hurricane-force winds, gusts up to 75 miles an hour creating blinding conditions. the projected snowfall totals are staggering. before it's over, up to three feet of snow is expected in parts of new england, including boston. the storm has literally stopped most of new england nits tracks. more than 1800 cancellations at new york area airports, 4700 flights canceled nationwide. the governor of massachusetts ordered all cars off the roadways starting at 4:00. a move that made sense after this 19-car pileup in maine scattered cars across the road and into ditches. >> please, please exercise caution and use common sense. >> reporter: this historic storm is the result of two converging systems colliding over the northeast. >> the conditions are horrible. >> r
and new england this blizzard is bearing down. the problems are piling up. boston is about to get hit by round two of the snow. massachusetts more than 380,000 homes and businesses are without power. that is more than half of the total across the region. that number now up a bit from the last time i mentioned it now at 600,000 customers scattered across nine states. more than a foot and a half of snow has already fallen in parts of massachusetts. next to new york here, look at these pictures with me. really these buildings have begun to disappear in the overnight hours because the visibility is so, so poor. that's the skyline this morning. we did learn that a man, a 74-year-old man he passed away. he was hit by a car that apparently lost control on some of the snowy streets in poughkeepsie, new york. we have one fatality to report tonight and across new york, a state of emergency is in place. rail service has been suspended all the way from manhattan upstate. and as i mentioned, did i mention it is 3:00 in the morning and guess who i have on the phone, the mayor of newark, new jersey,
to stay off the roads so plows can clear the snow out. as for air travel, logan airport in boston opening one runway. flights have resumed at new york's major airports and more than 100 sunday flights are canceled on top of the 5,000 already wiped out by the storm. amtrak says it will have limited service from new york to boston tomorrow, but still more than 550,000 people without power at this hour. and the weather tonight is being blamed for at least ten deaths. jay gray with more on the impact of this massive storm. >> reporter: the wind and snow has finally stopped and across new england, the focus has turned to what will be a difficult recovery. >> the state police and the national guard have been out in force and working in tandem. >> reporter: but these are the most important teams right now, crews working through brutal conditions to try and restore power to hundreds of thousands, many still without any heat. >> or, we're working pretty hard. 16-hour shifts in this weather, that's tough. >> reporter: it's been tough to dig out dozens of cars, most abandoned at the height of the st
of that storm? it is away from boston. this will make it the fifth on record fororm boston. 9 inches of snow from the system. nothing like that across our area. mainly clear skies for the evening. temperatures are 36-42 degrees. talk about a potential for a few days ahead. might be some potential for some snow. full details coming up in a few minutes. a maryland woman is dead tonight, shot and killed by police. richard reeve joins us now with this developing story. there is still a lot we do not know. police are now in charge of in the investigation. three police officers were . we are told that the ran at the officers and they fired. might have had mental issues. a busy and somber scene friday night. it was sad and scary at the same time. i never thought that would happen. officers were called around 0:30 p.m. responded to a report with a woman with a knife in the hallway. the police came and knocked her door. they were like, put your hands up. when she opened the door, we heard gunshots. authorities say that say that she lunged the officers. they opened fire and fatally wounded her. .he di
. we have two reports tonight, ron mott in waltham, mass, meteorologist jim cantore in boston. ron, first to you. good evening. >> reporter: brian, good evening to you. there was a big rush on this store earlier today. they're expecting more people tonight and in the morning as they head in to pick up things like shovels, batteries, flashlights, gas cans, ahead of what could be a top-ten winter storm of all-time. as the storm barrels eastward today, it dumped a lot of snow in places like madison, wisconsin and chicago where they're confused. >> one day it's 60, the next day 20. but we're used to it. we can handle it, we're tough. >> reporter: but folks in the northeast whose mettle is about to be tested for the first time in years after an unusually mild and dry winter last season. >> the palms getting sweaty, the excitement starts to build. >> reporter: from hartford to boston and elsewhere. >> if you get a winter snowstorm, you could get 27 inches of snow. >> reporter: it could be an historic winter storm. and it was the motivation many needed to stock up on supplies. >> flashlig
as a powerful system threatens boston and has our airplanes here on the ground. more on that in a moment. first, the weather is causing all those problems. >> to get an idea of what we are looking at, we will head to meteorologist brian van de graaff in the weather center. >> i am a little jealous because around here we are not point togoing to get anything impressive. it could be record-breaking over in the northeast. a big storm in 1978 occurred in boston. in virginia there was a coating of snow and some spots picked up a couple inches, but it was highly isolated in western fauquier and western culpeper they got 5 inches. here in this city there was nothing but rainfall. 41 degrees downtown. a breeze out of the north northwest act of miles an hour. the front over to the east continues to deepen. it will become a monster storm from new jersey to new england and new jerseypossibly dropping a couple feet in spots. sunshine in phoenix and denver. san francisco, maybe not some rain and fog in seattle. we will tell you what to expect for the weekend coming up. that's the latest. back to you. >> tha
sideways, deep, deep drifts, that sort of thing. want to talk about boston. look at this. this is -- you can't see it, it is fenway park. you'll recognize fenway if there wasn't snow and ice on the lens of this camera. snow started there right around 9:30 this morning. and we're hearing boston could break its all time snow record. the all time record set in either 1978 in that deadly winter storm, blamed for dozens of deaths, or more recently in 2003. take your pick. 27 inches each time. boston, right now, is under a snow emergency. no on street parking. schools are closed. public transit, that goes down, in less than 90 minutes. cnn's susan candiotti made her way to boston, the flurries are flying. susan, i see you, hang on. i want to go first to alison kosik in new york. alison, we remember the disastrous situation you had, two winters ago in new york, the great big city essentially shut down. is that the type of scenario, alison, we're looking at here? is that the fear today, right now, in new york? >> reporter: people are talking about that. that monster storm of 2010, back in decemb
in southern maine. >> we've got team coverage for you. jay gray in boston in the heart of it all. adam tuss has more on the thousands of flight cancellations. >> we begin with meteorologist veronica johnson tracking this for days. >> that's right. it will be swift and dangerous and probably shut down travel for a highly at areas of eastern new england. for us, we're on the southern tail of all this. still, we'll feel the effects with big wind. look at the advisories up for a significant amount of snow that's expected to fall in areas of eastern new england, around boston, massachusetts and connecticut and high winds as well so they've got the blizzard warning that's been posted areas of eastern massachusetts and connecticut. newark almost an inch. caldwell in new jersey, 3 inches of snowfall in yonkers just over 2 as well. in that pocket of boston and through areas of connecticut even, a blizzard warning where they could see a foot to upward of 2 feet of snow. here's what they're expecting up through here. again, the higher snowfall amounts, the bull's-eye right there had. we'll be on the t
to begin with who we have. we have meteorologist andrew peterson in boston. ali velshi braving the wind on the cake, cape cod sound. in new york, we have allison and chad myers working long hours right along with me tracking the storm from the 1%. i want to begin in boston. more than a foot and a half of snow has already fallen. look at these cars. absolutely covered. 70-mile an hour wind gusts could with props not address, six maybe seven feet deep. you're telling me at logan airport in boston, a 76-mile an hour winds. i want to get the latest from boston. i see there is no coming. tell me what it looks like where you are. >> little bit different than 24 hours ago. your releasing the heavy snow coming down, i am doing everything to look into the camera. these clear sunglasses i don't have. it is difficult. we're talking about snowfall rates anywhere from two inches an hour as high as four inches per hour. a lot of areas, still there is a heavier bands going more inland. we'll now rollout the chance this could be record-breaking storm. we potentially have 30 inches on all is said and do
week. >> that's your latest weather. i hear you have a big crowd there in boston. >> and now they're bearing gifts. look at this this lady here brought us a boston cream pie sliced into individual slices already. >> the original recipe. >> original recipe. have you smelled that? >> i'm not going to fall for that one. >> we're overwhelmed by this crowd. it's very early this morning. we're here in boston. >> we want to thank all these people for coming out. we'll spend some time with them and show you around boston and we're going to talk, of course, about sports, food, music and that wicked boston accent. but first on a friday morning, this is "today" on nbc. >>> just ahead on our friday field trip, why boston is a big draw for hollywood. to do the things that i wanted. my doctor diagnosed it as fibromyalgia -- thought to be the result of over-active nerves that cause chronic, widespread pain. lyrica is believed to calm these nerves. i learned lyrica can provide significant relief from fibromyalgia pain. so now, i can do more of the things i enjoy. lyrica is not for everyone. it ma
of historic proportions. from new york to boston, states could be in for several feet of snow. good afternoon. i am sarah caldwell. while we may not end up buried in snow, we may not be completely out of the woods. >> this morning we had some rain, mixed precipitation north d west of us. all that is moving on, at least temporarily. this is the satellite image first. i will show you two things here. break in the clouds, south of maryland and in the ocean. now add the rain to this thing and you will see that the reins of mood -- rains have moved to the eatern shore. we are still seeing two parts of this storm. rainy part for the baltimore metro area is over for the time being. still some more stuff to come in. we will talk about details in the forecast for us and also for new england. >> as we saw with that picture of new england, boston will be one of the hardest hit areas. it is where we find jay gray. >> wind and snow is picking up and boston could see two to three feet before it is finished. snow is starting to fall, and it could be brutal weekend across the northeast. >> blizzard warnings
. by tomorrow, boston could be buried by more than 2 feet of snow. >> the forecast cost a run at supermarkets, gas stations out of gasment airports are doing what they can. regardless of the planning, this storm will be crippling. >>> a growing list of delays and closings. prince william, clark and frederick counties in virginia on a two-hour delay. winchester schools open one hour late today. >>> fauquier, culpeper, warren, rappahannock and page county schools are all closed today. add to that list, orange county schools in virginia also closed. >> maryland, howard county public schools on a two-hour delay today. in west virginia, jefferson county schools will open two hours late. storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein tracking the storm. tom. >>> it is going to be maybe an historic storm for boston. this is what it looked like in the blizzard of '78 paralyzing new england. this is route 28 like the beltway around boston. this is what it looked like. paralyzed thousands of cars. it took a week to get things cleared out. they had massive power outages as well. both of the storms will be combi
this major blizzard where we begin live with molly standing by in boston. >> reporter: hi, gregg. it will be a cold night for several hundred thousand people. particularly south on the cape cod where the power remains out. utility crews are getting ready and the wind dies down. here in boston as you mentioned the travel ban has been lifted. you can see a lot of cars back out on the highways but governor is urging patience. the roads and highways and second roads are pretty bad out there. we had a chance to see that they still have an inch or two of snow on them. there are a lot of people walking on the roads because the sidewalk haven't been cleared. other problem is the transportation system here in the city of boston is shut down for now. transportation workers would like to see that back up and running by monday. >> our goal, if we can, is to have some service tomorrow, but we're really focused on monday morning's rush hour. >> reporter: people want to get back to work. if you take a look at video from the south shore, that is where they are suffering coastal flooding. a whole
of snow. 3 feet in the boston area. once you go west, everything is fine. more details are coming up. >> 5:12. 33 worst excuses for employees that are late. >> baltimore is one the best cities for women. >> good morning. just a little bit of rain. light rain across the area. out of the pennsylvania line, temperatures around freezing. there are some reports of sleet. cecil county and into and.ylvania maybe some snow mixed in with the rain in carroll county. we will be on the edge of this storm all day long. 33 at the airport. 43 in ocean city. was minister is right near freezing -- westminster is right near freezing. nothing from hagerstown was offered as far as precipitation right now. here is the storm. the moisture is coming from the southern parts. northern part will merge. these parts will merge north of us. not so great from the new york to boston area. all this moisture would translate into snow. they are going to get hammered. this is the low pressure center. will be coming together like a perfect storm. for us, mostly rain in the forecast. a wintry mix this morning. high temperatur
. >> we are out here on the northshore of boston, about five or six miles from the downtown area, we have gotten many hammered already, winds gusting over 50 miles an hour. and we are expecting wind gusts up to 70, that will cause drifting of the snowfall, we will see drifts as high as six feet and the worst of the weather has arrived. we are expecting that the wind gusts will push the rates to 2-3 inches of an hour. looking down, you cannot see much, what we see are the plows trying to stay ahead of the blizzard. there's another emergency vehicle, it will be tough all night with the snowfall rates. on the coast, we have coastal flood warnings up and we are expecting 20 foot breakers south of here with a surge as high as 4-1/2 feet, that could cause and likely will cause destruction to beach front property, some of the local police departments and others, a town that is usually hard hit has ask canned the residents go to higher ground. a long night ahead, including thunder snow, it will not wrap up until midday tomorrow and the wind will blow through tomorrow afternoon. >> and as mike men
the latest radar of the storm. east of boston, up in the gulf of mexico of maine. that's good. the storm is pulling away for the morning. storm completely over with. the catskills new york city area, done. maybe a few flurries, but no more accumulations. the back edge moving through the berkshires of massachusetts and through connecticut as we go through the morning hours, and by noon today, the snow should begin to shuttle off providence and boston, that's the timing. our friends in maine, it will be later than that. we're getting nailed, i-95 from new hampshire through portland, all the way up through augusta, that's where the blue band is setting up on the radar. white is the snow. where you see the blue, 2 to 3 inches of an hour. 18 inches of snow in many areas of maine. boston, looks like the heavy ban that was over you the last three hours, shifted to the south and east, probably over logan, but no longer over areas of the 495 loop. down over cape cod, have you yet to get very heavy snow, and winds howling out of the north. a very cold wind too. wait until i show you windchills and
: the exodus turned hustle and bustle in providence and boston into what looked like movie sets, minus the action. >> this is coming right off the ocean here. and this is what has emergency management officials so concerned. >> reporter: but along the coast, that's exactly what's expected later. a major storm surge taking heavy amounts of snow for a bumpy, wild, overnight ride. and ahead of what could be an extended hibernation for many this weekend, last-minute shopping runs, especially to fortify the fridge. >> we're getting enough supplies so we can make a hot pot of chicken soup for the weekend. >> reporter: two of the biggest sellers today, gasoline and liquor. one liquor store manager said they did five times the business of a normal friday, calling it almost christmas in february, brian. >> got to do what you've got to do. ron, thanks. >>> we have an incredible view of this weather system as seen from space. look at the tops of those clouds. again, it's more than one storm. it's two joining up to form one over new england. not visible from space, our friend al roker is in the th
in boston, hit hard. jason carroll is there now. jason, it is just getting worse and worse, man. >> oh, we're definitely in the thick of it now. it's near white-out conditions. take a look at the street. you saw what conditions were like before. try looking up the street there, anderson. you can't even see it. this is what people are dealing with. the plows are out in the roads. you saw a plow get stuck that plowed the parking lot here at this church in south boston. conditions are severe, and if what chad myers and the other meteorologists are saying, the conditions are just going to continue to get worse as we now experience near white-out conditions in boston. >> chad myers saying over the next ten hours this thing is going to get worse and worse. we're going to be back on one hour from now at 10:00 eastern time. we'll be on for two hours all the way up to midnight. a special two-hour edition of "360." right now, piers morgan starts. chris cuomo is filling in for piers. that's starts right now. >>> all right, our thanks to everybody here. it's truly an honor to join the cnn team. thank
for you. far left, ipd raw petersons is in boston. ali velshi in cape cod, in dennis port, massachusetts. allison kosk in manhattan, and chad myers tracking the storm for us here at the cnn weather center. let me begin in boston tonight. look at these cars, covered. logan airport, by the way, measuring one wind gust at 76 miles per hour. folks, that is two miles above hurricane force. indra petersons in the thick of it, joins me from a very snowy boston. i don't know if you have the wind -- the measuring the wind -- how have conditions changed since the last time we talked? there it is. >> it's fuby because every time i stand here and i think things are okay. not too bad, and one of these guszs blows by and it's just unbearable. think of ice pellets pelleting your face, 40, 50, 70 miles per hour. logan airport is only two miles from here. they had a 76-mile-per-hour wind gust. imagine that with ice pelting your face. that's what we're dealing with. this is definitely right in the thick of the blizzard. snowfall rates 1 to 2 inches per hour. we have seen 3 to 4 inches per hour. we see vis
effects. as we've been talking about, the last couple of days, it will be minimal for us. boston area, phenomenal pictures where mike seidel to the east of boston. for us, you can see where that snow is. boston, new york, coming into the philadelphia area now. for us, we're seeing light shower activity in the form of some rain showers. we even saw the suncom out. over the next 12 hours, the biggest impact is going to be the wind and much colder temperatures. we have a wind advisory in effect through 6:00 a.m. tomorrow. winds could gust upwards of 50 miles per hour. the area in the brown there, including loudoun county, northern fauquier, towards frederick county, maryland and everybody back to the west. winds could gust upwards of 40 miles an hour and that will put windchills in the 20s by around 11:00 tonight. if you're going out this evening, get ready. the wind is making it way in right now. we'll see windy conditions at 8:00, 11:00, through tomorrow morning. 5:00 a.m., 7:00 a.m., 29 to 30 degrees. the windchill will be between 15 to 20. we are seeing impacts. for us, though, it's
, canceled. even snow plows getting stuck. ia see that snow plow in boston. metro north cancelling service. the major highway from boston into long island shut down. jason carroll is in boston for us as he has been for several hours. ali velshi is on the cape, cape cod, in the town of dennis port. ali, it's looking like the snow, you're in a lull now. is that true? >> a little bit. the weirdest thing in the world just happened. i came out here to be on tv with you. and these two guys are here. i have no idea who they are. i thought they were our crew, so i told them to get out of the shot. can't possibly imagine anyone being out here. i have been out here hours and hours and have not seen a soul. these are jim and garrett. where do you live? >> about a quarter mile away. >> what on earth are you doing? >> we got a little cabin fever so we decided to come down to the water and see what it looked like. we heard it was a storm surge. >> what did you expect to see when what have you seen? >> we expected to see frankly a little more surf than is going on here now. but the wind and the sleet, it
for matra n.y. all the way up to boston. that will be the hardest hit area. there is the potential for two to 3 feet of snow in some of those locations. the storm will hit the new england coastal area. it will clear out after morning snow. watched this bull's-eye up near boston. that those of our skilled. that means over 36 potential inches in the boston area. we do get some snow here. two to four inches is a possibility. but you know we get two to 4 inches. they get two to 4 feet in new england. western maryland has a mixed tomorrow. all snow saturday. more snow. then snow showers on the coast. heavy rain tomorrow. a good and onions and the showers or flurries -- it could end in snow showers or paris. we will warm into the 40's for sunday and monday, which means the next storm brings us rain on monday. >> this is 11 sports. >> it was made clear today, the organization plans to do the same things after the super bowl that it did to get them there in the first place. work hard, reward stars like joe flacco, and do not try to sign every free agent on the team. over the past five years, no ot
, it will be near boston. who gets all of the action out of this thing? the two of these systems combine, but the moisture is coming from the south. new england, especially the boston area, eastern massachusetts, will be in the bull's-eye. they are talking about the potential for a historic storm for them, with 18 to 24 inches of snow possible up there. we will be on the fringes, but that will cause questions, weather-wise, for us, especially during the rush hour. >> meantime, new at noon, state police are trying to figure out what caused a tractor-trailer accident that shutdown i-95 northbound four hours this morning. here is the shot of the traffic, around 8:00 a.m. two trucks are jackknifed on the highway. two passenger vehicles were also involved. one person was transported to hospital. at last check, two planes have been reopened. more hearings on capitol hill today, this one centered on president obama's nominee to head the cia. he goes before a senate panel today to justify the use of drones to kill terror suspects. tracie potts has more. >> in written answers to the senate commit
service between new york and boston. and airlines are taking action. jennifer donelan is live tonight. people aret a lot of changing their plans after hearing about the storm. >> they are changing their plans. just checked the board, we are seeing a ton of red right now. several are late but so far everything is on time. these flights are packed. you know the drill. only these scenes are pulling out to our north, like connecticut and massachusetts. if you live in the path of the to get back is under way. her flight to boston was canceled due to a mechanical error. >> it normally would not be a of the but because storm, everybody that was flying is now flying today. she then had to go to boston were cancelled. >> children take precedent so i am out of here. >> i was going to leave later tonight. to get ahead of it. >> is a frustrated being here and trying to get there? >> a little bit. i'm going back for my baby shower. to yorks headed north and boston were packed. it was supposed to be really bad. >> some canceled altogether. >> a bunch of people canceled because they would not be abl
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